Field trip

Visiting the lake is a real attraction for nature lovers.

The lake can be visited by boat, and in this way you can see the caves, then the habitat of griffon vultures, on the cliffs along the coast, some species of rare birds, and then you can climb to some of the beautiful viewpoints, where you can see lake Uvac meanders.

There are many viewpoints that you can visit, but the most famous is viewpoint Molitva.

The most famous caves are Ušac system caves (ice and Usac caves), then Bazdarska cave (village Ursula), Tubica Cave (village Lopiže) and cave Javorska or Durulja (village Bukovik). Usac cave system is the largest known cave system in Serbia.

The most famous cultural and historical attractions of this region are wooden church in Radijevici, then Dubnica monastery in Bozetici, as well as monastery Mileseva near Prijepolje.